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In consideration of the health and safety of our guests, we would like to inform you of the following changes to our restaurant operations.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our guests and thank you for your understanding.

"Applicable facilities”
■1F Restaurant
“Gardenia” 6:00 - 22:30 (last order 22:00)

■B1F Refresh facility ※Reopening from 4/1
・Gym 15:00-22:00
・ Indoor swimming pool 15:00-20:00 (last entry 19:30)
・Public baths 15:00-22:00 (last entry 21:30)

■11F Restaurant
・Japanese restaurant "Azuma" 17:30~21:00(last order 20:30)
※Open only on Friday,Satuaday,The day before the holidays.

The following facilities will remain closed for the time being.
11th floor Chinese restaurant "Hourai”, Bar "Pegasus"
B1 floor Tennis court, Relaxation "Mahana”

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promotion / event


This is information on the “1-Year anniversary Xie-xie à la Carte Chinese Banquet” menu.

(9/1/2019 ) (Sun) 〜 (10/31/2019 ) (Thu)

This course will surely satisfy all diners with its excellent quality and generous portions! A banquet of 16 dishes featuring 55 ingredients

September/October Autumn Xie-xie à la Carte Banquet Menu ¥3,900

Appetizers 1
Chrysanthemum jellyfish autumn smoothie
Shrimp with the head on, with Shaoxing rice wine seasoning, and bang bang chicken with sesame dressing and Yachimata-grown peanuts

Appetizers 2
Cantonese roasted pork, pumpkin in apricot wine syrup
Sweet pickled cucumber, kinpira-style spaghetti squash with scent of five-spice powder

Soup: Gomoku steamed soup with matsutake mushroom
Dim Sum: Steamed Peking duck
Fish Dish 1: Deep-fried flavored autumn salmon with lemon sauce
Meat Dish 1: Stir-fried beef, yamabushi mushroom, and beni azuma sweet potato, flavored with XO soy-sauce
Fish Dish 2: Shrimp served with chili sauce and garnished with hen-of-the-woods deep-fried and coated with flour
Meat Dish 2: Steamed Katori-grown “Koisuru-Buta” soft pork with oyster sauce
Rice/Noodles: Chestnut and mushroom fried rice OR Noodle soup with starchy sauce and plenty of mushrooms
Dessert: Chestnut mousse

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