Notice of Reopening of Indoor Swimming Pool ,Bath and sauna



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Thank you for visiting Hotel Mystays Premier Narita.

We are pleased to announce the reopening of the indoor swimming pool,Bath and sauna which have been closed for sometime.

Indoor Swimming Pool
Operation hours : 3:00pm - 8:00pm (last entry at 7:30pm)
Swimming caps are required. Swimming caps and towels are available for rental.

Bath and sauna
Operation hours : 3:00pm~10:00pm (last entry at 9:30pm)

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused during the closure.

Posted At 2023/08/02




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(Finished)Horai Chinese Restaurant 1-Year Anniversary Special Course Menu Centered on Shrimp and Crab

(2/1/2019 ) (Fri) 〜 (2/28/2019 ) (Thu)

Let’s celebrate the first anniversary of our rebranding! We have prepared a variety of 20 different dishes with a focus on cuisine made from shrimp and crab.

Horai Chinese Restaurant, a laid-back, adult restaurant overlooking the airport, is providing a variety of 20 dishes using shrimp and crab between February 1, 2019 (Friday) and February 28, 2019 (Thursday), to celebrate one year since the restaurant’s rebranding. This is a special Xie-xie (“Thank You”) à la Carte Banquet Menu that we have prepared for you. Even the reasonable price of 3,900 yen was decided on to convey our thanks for a terrific first year, as “3-9” in Japanese is san-kyuu, which sounds similar to “Thank you!” Please come and enjoy a delicious meal!

The Chinese restaurant Horai is currently on a reservation-only system. Reservations are accepted until 3 pm the day before your intended visit. Please contact the hotel staff if you have any questions.

Course contents:

■ Course name:
20 different dishes with a focus on cuisine made from shrimp and crab! “Xie-xie à la Carte Banquet Menu”

■ Price:
¥3,900 (incl. tax)


・ Appetizers 1
Whiteleg shrimp with the head on, with Shaoxing rice wine seasoning
Meeting with jellyfish citron
Sweet potato apricot wine syrup Chinese-style daikon radish seasoned with soy sauce (jiangluobo)
・ Appetizers 2
Sweet pickled snow crab claws
Rape blossom seasoned with sesame
Chinese-style angel prawn sashimi
Colorful root crops and Cantonese roasted pork

・ Soup
Extra-thick soup of shark’s fin (caught in Choshi) with red snow crab

・ Dim sum
Crab dim sum topped with thick, ginger-flavored starchy sauce

・ Fish 1
Succulent shrimp served with sweet chili sauce and seasoned with citrus

・ Meat 1
Crunchy Peking duck served with Kujukuri Umikkonegi leek

・ Fish 2
Snow crab with puffy fried egg white, seasoned with umeshio salt

・ Meat 2
Sweet and spicy Beijing-style stir fry of kinso-dori chicken with Yachimata-grown peanuts

・ Granita
Yuzu sherbet

・ Fish 3
Chinese-style cream-simmered lobster gratin

・ Meat 3
Japanese beef sirloin steak served with spicy XO soy-sauce

・ Rice dish
King crab fried rice lightly topped with thick, starchy sauce

・ Dessert
Double-layered soup of almond jelly and strawberry

・ Tea
Chinese tea performance of your choice put on by the staff

Horai Chinese Restaurant

■ Closed:
N/A (available any day with a reservation)

■ Bookings:
Reservations are accepted until 2 pm the day before your intended visit.

■ Number of people for whom a booking can be made:
From 2 to 28 people

■ Use of private rooms:
Can be used at no extra fee
Can be used by between 6 and 10 people
■ Price:
¥3,900 (incl. tax)
■ Dates:
February 1 (Fri.), 2019 to February 28 (Thurs.), 2019
■ Opening hours:
・ Lunch 11:30 am – 2:00 pm (last order 1:30 pm)
・ Dinner 5:30–9:00 pm (last order 8:30 pm)

Click here for detailed information on Horai Chinese Restaurant